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Expert: new quality productive forces in China bring new opportunities to world economy
China’s accelerated efforts to foster new quality productive forces demonstrate its huge potential for economic transformation and will bring new opportunities for the world economy, said Zhou Muzhi, a professor at Tokyo Keizai University, in a recent interview with
Coca-Cola launches 500ml bottles made from 100% recycled plastic in Hong Kong as it cuts environmental footprint
The Coca-Cola Company has announced the launch of 500ml bottles made completely out of recycled plastic for its namesake fizzy drink in Hong Kong as part of a push to reduce its environmental footprint.
How Hong Kong can rescue the struggling recycling industry and win its war on plastic waste
PET is the world’s most recycled plastic, with US and European recycling rates of 31 per cent and 52 per cent dwarfing Hong Kong‘s12.3 per cent for all kinds of plastics. A Hong Kong circular supply chain facility clocks only 30 per cent capacity utilisation due to weak policy support, poor infrastructure and consumer distrust,...