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Trade News
Wanhua Chemical to Showcase Innovative Solutions at NPE2024
Wanhua Chemical is set to make waves at NPE2024 in Orlando, Florida, from May 6th to 10th. With an array of cutting-edge plastic-related products, the company aims to showcase innovative applications and green solutions across diverse sectors including automotive, healthcare, optical, footwear, and household goods.
BASF is expanding its lineup of biomass-balanced ingredients tailored for the detergent and cleaning industry as well as industrial formulators across Europe
BASF is expanding its biomass-balanced EcoBalanced product range, doubling up on its commitment as a trailblazer in championing environmentally conscious solutions for detergent and cleaning products manufacturers and industrial formulators. In collaboration with customers, BASF is continuing on a mission to expedite the transition from fossil raw materials to renewables.